The basis of any lucrative dairy or beef production is healthy cows, first and foremost. Preventing disease through impeccable management is the least expensive way to maintain a vigorous, productive herd. The best way to ensure that your operation is implementing the most efficacious and progressive cattle management practices is to develop and maintain a strong relationship with a large animal veterinarian.

Rolleston Veterinary Services provides a full range of herd health services treating cows from birth through maturity. RVS takes pride in tailoring a comprehensive herd health management program that best satisfies the specific demands of your herd.

RVS is willing and able to provide and work with clients by offering a complete list of general herd health services such as:

  • Calf Health
  • Calf Vaccination Protocols
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Udder Health/ Milk Quality Control
  • Breeding/Synchronization Protocols
  • Reproductive Services (AI, ET, Superovulation)
  • Heifer/Cow Vaccination Protocols
  • Mastitis Prevention/Treatment
  • Fresh Cow Health and Management
  • Sick Cow Health and Management
  • Replacement Heifer Health and Management
  • Large Animal Surgery (Displaced Abomasum, C-Sections, etc.)
  • Genomic Sampling
  • Parasite Control Management
  • Cow Comfort/ Housing Management
  • Genetic Evaluations/Selection of AI sires
  • Obstetrics (On- Farm services for any calving issues)
  • Biosecurity/ Limiting Disease Control
  • Computer Record Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Drop-Ship Program (Vaccines, Supplies and Medications)