• Ultrasonography

    With the power of ultrasonography, RVS is proud to offer clients numerous diagnostic services including pregnancy detection and fetal sexing.

    The utilization of ultrasound allows RVS to give clients more precise data pertaining to gestation, fetal age, fetal sex, and overall reproductive health within their herd. This valuable information can then be applied by producers to make more informed reproductive management decisions in order to increase the productivity of individual animals or the herd as a whole.

  • Necropsy

    Animal deaths are an unfortunate reality for any cattle producer. A field necropsy is an important tool used to help producers make herd health management decisions. Necropsy results often provide information that can be utilized by the producer and veterinarian to discern if the death was an isolated event or if it has potential to cause further illness or mortality in the herd.

  • Sample Submissions

    RVS is happy to collect and submit laboratory samples of any type for a plethora of diagnostics including, but not limited to, virology, serology, histopathology, clinical pathology, parasitology, pathology, microbiology, toxicology, hematology, cytology, bacteriology, fluid analysis, and genetic analysis.

    Blood sample submissions are used to diagnose blood diseases such as Bovine Leukosis Virus, Johnes Disease, Anaplasmosis, and many other bovine diseases of the blood.

    RVS sends all collected samples to an accredited veterinary school diagnostic lab.

  • Mastitis Testing

    It is important to identify and diagnose what pathogen is causing mastitis infections so that it can be appropriately treated, managed, and controlled. Milk culture and Sensitivity testing, Mycoplasma testing, and Somatic Cell Count testing are essential tools used to treat and prevent mastitis cases in your herd and allow producers to maintain outstanding milk quality.