Rolleston Veterinary Services offers general herd management consultations to producers that fall out of our general practice area. We work with clients and their herd veterinarians to solve pressing challenges your operation may be facing. If you have a disease outbreak, then we can help identify the pathogen through further diagnostics. We then continue evaluation and consultation in order to treat, manage, and eradicate the disease.

RVS lends its expertise to clients facing specific issues with the reproductive health of their herd or simply in need of guidance in the general management of their herd’s performance. We help clients review and increase the efficacy of reproductive programs, breeding records, vaccination protocols, nutrition, etc. We then use that knowledge to guide clients in more informed decision making. This intricate level of consultation has great potential to increase the over-all productivity of your dairy or beef operation.

RVS is available for teleconferencing and will schedule on-farm evaluations at your convenience.

Contact Rolleston Veterinary Services today to begin consulting on any issue involving, but not limited to:

• Calf Health
• Calf Vaccination Protocols
• Cull Rate
• Lameness
• Nutrition Counseling
• Udder Health/ Milk Quality Control
• Breeding/Synchronization Protocols

• Reproduction
• Heifer/Cow Vaccination Protocols
• Mastitis Prevention/Treatment
• Fresh Cow Health and Management
• Sick Cow Health and Management
• Replacement Heifer Health and Management
• Transition Cow Health and Management

• Genomics
• Parasite Control Management
• Cow Comfort/ Housing Management
• Genetic Evaluations and Selection
• Biosecurity/ Limiting Disease Control
• Computer Record Analysis
• Standard Operating Procedures